Newsletter for My Fuel Tax 2018 September Edition

          Newsletter For

       My Fuel Tax
              2018 September Edition

      My Fuel Tax Version 4.0

The current build of the program is 0111b

We have finished work on the import of Mileage and Fuel data from  ELDs. If you have EROAD or plan to acquire it for your fleet, please feel free to try it.

We also created an import for Geotab ELDs. This import provides Mileage data only.

For both these imports you only have to import once every quarter in just a few easy steps.

To find out about other ELD import formats, please go to

As always, thank you all for your continued support.


Please don’t hesitate to call us if you run into something unexpected or have a question about how to get things done. The number again is: 603-206-9977.  Email address is:  [email protected].


If you don’t currently have My Fuel Tax on your computer, you may download it using the links below:



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Hessel Flach & David Parise
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Tel. 603-206-9977