Finally, an Inexpensive Easy to Use IFTA Tax Software

for Owner/Operators, Fleet Owners, and Third Party Tax Preparers.

Our IFTA tax software combines worry free, easy to use with competitive pricing for your needs. IFTA Reporting is forefront, but our software also takes care of NY, NM, KY, and OR special high way use taxes.

To illustrate why My Fuel Tax is a great IFTA Tax Software for preparing your fuel tax return in accordance with International Fuel Tax Agreement regulations, we are listing a quick overview of some of the features of this IFTA Tax Software below:

  • Free Quarterly Rate Updates
  • Can be Shared on a Network
  • Prints to your Jurisdiction’s IFTA Form including Canadian Provinces
  • IFTA ELD Integration
  • GPS Compatible
  • Starting at $50.00 per year.
  • Add your Jurisdiction IFTA form, KYWD, NMWD, NYHUT, ORHUT, and IRP reporting starting at only $25.00 per year.

How do I get My Fuel Tax?

In order to start using and registering My Fuel Tax Software you simply follow these easy steps:

  • Download our fuel tax software with the link you also found on the top of this page. If you want to read more first, please click How to use My Fuel Tax
  • Install our IFTA tax software on your Windows based computer.
  • Initially ignore any registration messages and try the software in Demo mode to see whether it works as you expected.
  • Register Fuel Tax: When you are ready to register the Fuel Tax part of the program, you can either activate “Help” and click on the link that says “Register Fuel Tax Program”, or click on “Yes” when the fuel tax registration message comes up. When registering you need to provide the registration number which is also displayed in the Help screen. It consists of “MFLTLS” followed by a nine digit number, or, if you use the ELD/GPS version it starts with “FTGPS” followed by a twelve digit number. Thank you for trying our software.

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