Can I get a demo version of the software?

Yes, when you download and install the program and click ‘Register Later’, you have full access to the software except that reporting may not be accurate until it’s registered.

If I have downloaded the demo and then register the program, will I lose the data I entered while in demo mode?

No, all data you have entered will be saved.

Does your program include the current tax rates?

Yes, we recommend that customers download and install the current version of the program each quarter before running the IFTA report. Each new download is free.

If I can't download the program can I still get the current IFTA rates?

Yes, you can go to the “IFTA Rates” Page, and download directly from the IFTA web site (IFTACH.ORG)

I am a tax preparer. Can I enter Fuel Tax data for more than one company?

Yes, we have many tax preparers using our software. There is no additional charge for multi customer use of the software.

Where is my data stored?

The data is stored in the location to which you installed the software. Usually this is in your Documents folder.

Can I backup my Data?

Yes, we recommend backing up each quarter using our Backup and Restore procedures. You can backup to your own computer or an external storage device.

Can the program be run from a server or dropbox?

Yes, and that is also an excellent starting point to share the program between multiple users.

Is there an additional charge for extra users?

Yes, each additional user costs $50.00 per year

I downloaded a new version but now I can't find my profiles. What went wrong?

If the program is installed on a network, you may have installed the update to the default location, on your C drive for instance. The program should be reinstalled, but now to the network location.