On this page we want to introduce you to the Rand McNally Truck GPS products and how we have integrated them into My Fuel Tax GPS.

The Rand McNally Truck GPS series is a very good solution for owner/operators and small fleet owners who would like more benefits from their GPS but didn’t think it was really affordable.

Key benefits include:

  • One step import of Miles in State. No need to enter miles manually.
  • Imports NY toll miles for use in the NYHUT reporting.
  • Since the Rand McNally series are truck focused they generate truck friendly routes for trip preparation.

How to use our Rand McNally Truck GPS interface

The Import for Rand McNally Truck GPS is done using the Data Wizard button.

IFTA RandMcnally

When you click it, the data wizard comes up:

IFTA RandMcnally

You click on the “Import Miles and Fuel in State for unit: My Unit1” button, and you find your Rand McNally Truck GPS summary file for the quarter you specified in the “Choose a Quarter” box.

The Rand McNally Truck GPS creates Excel files that look like this:

IFTA RandMcnally

IFTA RandMcnally

You click “Open” when you selected the file you need, and the import is executed. When it’s done you get this message box:

IFTA RandMcnally

After you click “OK”, please note the there is an “X” mark next to “Unit1” in the list on the left. this means that import for this unit was already done. If you have more units you click on those, and repeat the other steps with the summary file that was created for those units.

IFTA RandMcnally

Now we click on “Manual Data Entry” to check the results:

IFTA RandMcnally

Please note that:

  1. the New York miles are divided in New York and New York Thruway. This is an important distinction if you have to file the New York Hut report.
  2. the imported data in this example is only from August. You will have to run imports for July and September too, but you can do those without checking the Trip Entry each time so it won’t take extra back and forth.
  3. the fuel data still has to be entered. We are working on some import possibilities that allow you to import text files from a fuel card report. We have some available, but if you send us a text file from your fuel data source we can build it in for you at no extra charge.

That’s all there is to it. After you entered/checked all your data, you can close this dialog, close the wizard, and click on IFTA Report to run the IFTA report, save it, and then Print it to the Form for your jurisdiction.

The Rand McNally is not a true fleet-oriented GPS system with office equipment for fleet tracking, etc. All IFTA reporting using these GPS units are “per truck” reports and not single reports for your entire fleet.

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