On this page we want to introduce you to the Garmin dezl 560/570/760/770 series GPS and how we have integrated them into My Fuel Tax GPS.

The Garmin Dezl GPS units are very good solutions for owner/operators and small fleet owners who would like more benefits from their GPS but didn’t think it was really affordable. Garmin Dezl 560/570 and Garmin Dezl 760/770 series GPS have the answer especially when used with My Fuel Tax GPS.

Key benefits include:

  • One step import of both Miles in State and Fuel Purchases by state. No need to enter miles or fuel manually.
  • Imports NY toll miles for use in the NYHUT reporting. Toll miles (also called thruway miles) don’t have to be paid for on your NY HUT return
  • Imports non-public roadway miles as non-taxable for IFTA. This is a great feature if you travel a lot of miles on private roads.
  • For audit purposes you can run reports that include highway/route numbers.
  • Since the dezl series is truck focused it generates truck friendly routes for trip preparation.

These Garmin Dezl GPS units are not a true fleet-oriented GPS system with office equipment for fleet tracking, etc. All IFTA data import using these GPS units are “per truck” reports and you will need one of these Garmin dezl 560 or Garmin dezl 760 units per truck to prepare an IFTA tax return for your entire fleet.

Pricing for My Fuel Tax GPS starts as low as $100 set up fee and $100 per year thereafter. Feel free to contact us for additional pricing. 603-206-9977 or send us an E-mail at [email protected].

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